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HFC Colt 1911 Gas Pistol - Extended Barrel

ID# HG-125

HFC are one of the worlds leading airsoft manufacturers renowned for producing high quality replica guns that remain robust and reliable for years. The HG-125 is constructed from both metal and tough ABS plastic componets and finished in a very desireable black and blue finish with silver inserts. 

This stunning gas airsoft pistol is a good mid weight gun that has a genuine solid build quality. The HG-125 has a metal trigger and working hammer action which is also metal. The 14 round magazine is housed in the handle which is unclipped for removal and refilling. Reloading is made easier by the drop and lock spring clip which is released automatically when reinserted.

The HG-125 includes a built-in hop-up, a safety catch that disengages the trigger and a gas refilling nozzel in the base of the handle. This airsoft pistol produces 280FPS using 0.28g BB pellets and has a high level of accuracy and performance.

  • Power: 280 FPS
  • Magazibe Capacity: 14 x 6mm Rounds
  • Tough ABS Construction
  • Metal Trigger, Hammer & Safety Catch

Usually £59.99 - 1/3 OFF! Just £39.99 - Bargain Gas Gun


Our Price: £ 39.99

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